Christmas Fabric Garland / Bunting Tutorial

October 20, 2023
Christmas Fabric Garland / Bunting Tutorial
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You can sew a Christmas Fabric Garland / Bunting with our free step-by-step tutorial!

By using 1 Christmas Fat Quarter Bundle, you can sew a garland/bunting to decorate your Christmas tree or fireplace mantel. You will also need ribbon, stuffing (optional), and our free Fabric Christmas Tree Pattern / Template.

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Printer-Friendly Instructions:

Supplies: In addition to your standard sewing supplies, you'll need 1 Christmas Fat Quarter Bundle, ribbon, stuffing (optional), our free template (print here), and cotton thread.

Step 1: Using our free template and a Fat Quarter Bundle, cut out (stack & whack) tree bodies and tree trunks (at least 20).

Step 2: Sandwich ribbon between 2 tree bodies (right sides together) and pin at the top. Repeat every 10” to 18”.

Step 3: Place tree body and tree trunk pieces right sides together and sew a 1/4” seam as indicated. Leave a 1” opening at the bottom center of the tree body.

Step 4: Turn pieces right sides out and stuff with a pinch of stuffing. Insert the open end of the trunk into the tree body and top stitch together.

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