DIY Christmas Gifts in Less than 30 Minutes

October 20, 2023
DIY Christmas Gifts in Less than 30 Minutes
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Anyone else waiting until the very last minute to start sewing and crafting this holiday season?

I know I am! Just like last year. But that's okay, because we have here a huge list of quality DIY gifts that will take, from start to finish, no more than 30 minutes. There are projects for Women, Men, Teens, and Kids.

Many of these gifts can be made with left overs you already have in your sewing/crafting room. The big trick is to personalize the craft for who will be receiving it. For instance, if you have a sports fan, simply put their team logo on anything and they'll love it. One year I made giant pillows out of NFL fleece fabric. Each pillow was only 3 seams and some polyfil stuffing. It took 15 minutes and was a hit!

Do you have a huge Star Wars fan or video game fan? Download a Darth Vader stencil online, paint it on some faux leather, and sew a simple phone or ipad holder.

I know a ton of moms who love sugar body scrubs - make a batch with their favorite smell and maybe a teacup candle, as well.

I plan to make a 5 different items. Depending on what I already have in my sewing/crafting room, I'll make a quick shopping trip before I start. Then, complete all 5 in one day.

Christmas Accomplished!

TIP: It's best to stick to a project you can look at and already know what to do, at least for the most part. That way you don't waste too much time learning new skills or fussing with steps you aren't comfortable doing.

For instance, if you've never sewn a zipper, stay away from those projects, because it'll take longer than 30 minutes. If you've never worked with binding - pick a different project or redesign the project to be completed without binding.

TIP: Most of the hot glue gun projects require a high heat setting, so make sure you're glue gun is able to do high heat. Also, remember to "score" surfaces before gluing. Basically, scoring means you need to scrap up the surfaces that will be glue together. Otherwise, the glue bond won't hold.

As always- PLEASE, if you have any questions or want to know a few tips before tackling a project, leave us a comment below. You can also email us or reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, or Instagram.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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