Fix A Hole In Your Pants

October 20, 2023
showing a hole in a pair of denim jeans
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Oh no! There's a hole!

You just got your favorite pair of jeans! They fit you perfectly and then, oops, you snag them on something. This creates a pesky little hole that is just going to continue to get bigger!
I will show you how to fix a hole in your pants! This fun, easy sewing technique will not only save your favorite jeans, but also save you money. You won't have to buy a new pair of jeans quite yet.

What needle should I use?

First things first. Make sure that you are using the correct needle! Depending on the thickness of the denim of your jeans, you may be able to get away with a size 14 universal needle, but if the denim is pretty thick, I suggest swapping it out for a denim needle; a size 16 works great.

What do I need to fix the hole?

Next, grab a small piece of fabric. Since it will be on the inside of your jeans, the color of the fabric doesn't really matter; however, the OCD in me says it must be blue since my jeans are blue. That may be you too!

It is important that the fabric is slightly larger than the hole. Personally, I cut it larger than needed and then trim it after I am done. I find that it is easier to work with when I do it that way.

Pin the fabric to the inside of your jeans, covering the hole.

What next?

Next, bring your jeans to your sewing machine. Set your machine to a straight stitch. Double-check to make sure that the fabric is laying flat and not bunched up. Sew a rectangle around the hole. This will hold the fabric in place and help avoid any shifting of the fabric.

Now, sew forward. After you have sewn past the hole a bit, use your reverse button to sew backwards. Adjust your fabric slightly and sew forward again. Adjust your fabric slightly again and then sew in reverse. Continue repeating this process, slightly moving around so that you completely cover the hole.

Bonus tip!

To make it look more like the denim, I will often sew one color and then switch out for another blue thread; one that is slightly lighter. This makes your little patch look more similar to the denim, allowing it to blend in better.

I was told that there is a variegated denim thread that has the same effect; however, I have not used it yet, but I will definitely be keeping an eye out for it.


I hope these brief instructions will help you save your favorite pair of jeans! Good luck and have fun. Happy Sewing, everyone!

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