Ruffle Scarf Tutorial

October 20, 2023
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Making scarves from t-shirts is a great way to reuse what you have lying around. I absolutely love scarves and they are very in style right now. The nice thing about making your own scarf is that you can customize them. I don’t know about you, but I have several t-shirts in my closet just waiting to be returned to something sensational in my wardrobe!

Supplies needed: Scissors, t-shirt, and a sewing machine

Start by cutting up the sides of the shirt to make a rectangle.

Next, cut a straight line across just below the neckline and cut off the bottom hem of the shirt. Measure from the top of the rectangle to the bottom, divided by three, and cut the shirt into thirds. Cut the edges on the top third to straighten them out.

When finished, you will have one long strip of fabric.

Change your sewing machine stitch to zigzag, and sew along the edges of the scarf. Start the stitch, then stretch the material tightly as you sew. Keep the stitches as close to the edge as possible. Do the same for the other side.

It’s as easy as that! These scarves are fun, light, and add spunk to any outfit. I always get compliments when I wear the ones I have made. You could use this same technique and cut your material into smaller pieces for a striped look. If someone is a sports fan this would be a great way to make some fun fan gear! Happy creating!

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