5 Minute Scrappy Hearts

October 20, 2023
5 Minute Scrappy Hearts
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These fast, little projects are such a great way to let that pent-up creative energy flow. Even 5 minutes of sewing is 5 minutes well spent. These little hearts are great for any occasion, not just Valentine's Day. Can you really go wrong with the symbol of love? I say, "nay'.

Grab your scrap stash and mix/match prints for a cool, scrappy-chic vibe. The more prints, the better.

You can really make anything with these little hearts, from a set of coaster to a refrigerator magnet, to a adorable bunting for your fireplace.

sweet heart coaster sewing parts online

Tip: If you want to get extra fancy, hand embroider the initials of you and your sweetheart.

sewing parts online heart scraps fridge magnet

Step 1

Trace half a heart shape on the fold of your fabrics.

sewing parts online heart scraps 6

Cut rectangles (larger than the hearts) out of batting, stabilizer, and fleece.

sewing parts online heart scraps 5

Use basting spray to stack the hearts largest to smallest and to adhere the hearts on to the batting, stabilizer, and the fleece.

Step 2

Satin stitch or zigzag stitch the raw edges, just like applique. I really, really, really recommend using a walking foot.

sewing parts online heart scraps 4 sewing parts online heart scraps 3

Step 3

Carefully trim the excess batting and fleece from around the heart.

sewing parts online heart scraps1

And that's it! Seriously, wasn't that fast? Even when you have a truck load of responsibilities staring you in the face, a little project can be such a stress reliever. After all, sewing time is your time. Enjoy it!

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