Seam-Fix: Not Your Average Seam Ripper

October 20, 2023
Seam-Fix: Not Your Average Seam Ripper
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Hello, everyone! I’m Sarah at and I am about to change your life with this amazing seam ripper.

This is the Seam-Fix everyone has been raving about. It’s not your average seam ripper. This innovative tool is a seam saver!

Here’s how it works.

The sharp blade effortlessly slices through unwanted stitches while the red safety ball protects your fabric.

Instead of using your finger or tape, use the specially formulated rubber tips to remove the unwanted thread. See how easily the eraser clears away messy threads?

Best of all, this eraser doesn’t warp or damage your fabric.

The two tips are shaped differently because they each have a special function. Use the smaller tip for stubborn, hard-to-remove threads. Use the honeycomb tip to quickly roll away larger messes. For best results, use on a flat surface.

This Seam-Fix isn’t just for straight stitches. Look at how quickly you can clean up zig zag stitches. You can even use it on serger stitches.

When you’re finished, simply replace the cap and store.

But wait, there’s more…

The Seam-Fix comes in a variety of fun colors.

It’s important to note that the colors and their availability change constantly. What might be available today, will be gone tomorrow. So buy your favorite colors now while you can.

We hope you enjoyed this video. We know you’ll love the Seam-Fix as much as we do. It really is as useful as a pair of scissors. To buy your own Seam-Fix, visit us online at and remember to pick up an extra Seam-Fix for back up, just in case. Be sure to come hang out with our sewing community on Facebook at, twitter @sewingparts, Google Plus, Pinterest, Instagram…we’re everywhere. Be sure to like this video, share it with your sewing buddies, and subscribe for our next sewing video.

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