Sew Creative Live: The Best Sewing Machine & Quilting Sale of the Year

October 20, 2023
Sew Creative Live Cyber Monday
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Usually, the best time to get a discounted sewing machine is Cyber Monday. However, sewing machine manufacturers give their dealers permission to offer exclusive special-event pricing during live-stream events. In fact, event pricing is often lower than what is advertised online! So what did we do? Well, we met with our suppliers and put together a Cyber Monday live stream to offer the absolute lowest prices possible on some of the best sewing machines of the 2022-2023 season. We'll be on our Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Sewing Parts Online, showing off the hottest sewing machines, quilting frames, tools, and notions. During this event, called Sew Creative Live: Cyber Monday, you'll be able to call in to get exclusive discounts on any demonstrated product.


A while back, what started as an idea to do a single live stream to celebrate National Sewing Month with our friends at The Grace Company grew into a new adventure for us: Sew Creative Live (SCL). Before we knew it, we had turned a 1-hour event into a 4-day virtual conference with free educational presentations, exclusive deals on machines and supplies, and over $26,000 worth of giveaways! It was wild! We had so much fun that we decided we wanted to keep doing it. So for the last few weeks, we have been working hard behind the scenes to plan two more events before we sign off 2022: SCL: Cyber Monday & SCL: Christmas!

SCL: Cyber Monday will be a one-day event focused on all the deals our suppliers will offer for Black Friday weekend. Shopping online for the best sewing sales can be overwhelming and confusing, so we put together a presentation explaining each sale and demonstrating the products so you can be confident in what you're purchasing. But really, you don't need to buy anything. There will be loads of free information, and we'll be super grateful to have you there. Plus, we are giving away a $7,000+ serger and a $1,500 bundle of quilting fabric!!! If you tuned in for our event in September, you know we raffled off a Baby Lock Triumph. Well, the person who won never claimed it. Can you believe it? So we're going to be raffling it off again.


SCL: Cyber Monday will be on November 28th from 9 am - 4 pm CST. It will feature presentations and deals by Janome, Arrow Sewing Furniture, Sew Steady (showing off their custom acrylic extension tables and free-motion quilting tools), Juki, Aurifil thread, Quilters Select, Baby Lock, Acorn Piecing Products, and The Grace Company. Plus, we'll pop in and show you a few of our favorite notions, products/tips for sewing machine maintenance and repair! 

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Sew Creative Live: Cyber Monday


Sew Creative Live Cyber Monday Sale Schedule
Sew Creative Live Schedule


Shortly after our Cyber Monday Event, we will have a 3-day virtual conference to celebrate the holiday season! We're still planning it, so more information will be announced later this month. This event will be similar to the event we had in September. Although we will offer exclusive event deals on featured products, we will focus on product education and bringing together our little sewing community. So keep your eyes out on all our socials and join our Facebook sewing community to get all of our updates!

After Sew Creative Live: Christmas, we'll take a break from the Livestream events and bring the focus back to our Youtube channel, where we used to post more tutorials. Our next live event will be sometime in the spring, but nothing is set in stone yet. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who takes the time to join our events, follow us on social media, read our blog posts, shop on our website, and support our small but growing business. We're excited to transition into 2023 and show you what we've got in store. We plan to go bigger than ever, and we can't wait to bring you along on that journey! See you soon!

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