Sewing Minis (Ep 3): Sewing Faux Fur

October 20, 2023
Sewing Faux Fur
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Welcome to another episode of our Sewing Mini Series! This week you'll learn fast tips and tricks for cutting, pinning, and sewing faux fur!

Faux fur is very fashionable when done well and adds a whole new level of luxury to your projects. The trick is to choose simple patterns with basic lines and let the fur do all the talking.

When cutting your project, use the "nap layout" listed in your pattern. If you aren't using a pattern, make sure to pay special attention to the direction of the nap. For instance, you don't want the fur on a vest to face up on the right and down on the left.

Because fur is so bulky, you want to stick to single-layers. For instance, a fur collar consists of a fur top layer and a thin lining fabric for the underside of the collar.

faux fur graphic

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