Sewing Minis (Ep 4): Shirring with Elastic Thread

October 20, 2023
Shirring with Elastic Thread
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Learn the easy technique behind all those great summer dresses and tops!

All you need is your machine, a yard or 2 of fabric, some elastic thread, and 1/4 inch elastic. No need to cut a fancy pattern and you only need to know how to use a straight stitch and zig zag stitch.

Shirring with elastic thread gathers your fabric while maintaining stretch and contouring to your body for an effortless fit. You'll be amazed at how truly simple it is to start making your summer wardrobe.

Use this technique to make dresses, tops, and swim suit covers. You can also make skirts and yoga pants with shirred waistbands.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave them in the comment section below. Happy Sewing!

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