Beginner's Guide to Sewing (Ep 20): Bust Adjustments

October 20, 2023
Bust Adjustments
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Welcome back to the Beginner's Guide to Sewing! Ever wanted to know how to get a perfect fit across your chest? The secret is all in the bust adjustment. Whether you need to add fabric with a Full Bust Adjustment, or reduce fabric with a Small Bust Adjustment, we go over each step, as well as cover the background info you need to fully understand why we do what we do.

In episode 20, We teach you how to do the measurements, calculations, and how to taper the adjustment to fit the remaining pattern pieces. We've removed the guess work, making it easier to practice on your own patterns. The best way to learn is by doing, so grab some scrap fabric and start practicing! The more bust adjustments you do, the better you'll become at recognizing and fixing fit issues. You'll discover the measurements that work best for your body and feel the most comfortable.

While doing your measurements, be sure to wear the same under garments (shape wear, bra) you plan to wear under your finished garment. An expert tip is to even put on the shoes you intend to wear with your finished garment. After all, there are significant posture changes when wearing high heels compared to house slippers.

We hope you enjoy this bust adjustment tutorial! Happy sewing!

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