Twist Headband Tutorial

October 20, 2023
Twist Headband
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@sewingpartsonline Complete #sewingtutorial for a Twist Headband! Fabric cuts in the Comments. #howtosew #sewingforbeginners #sew #sewing #ilovetosew #sewtips #sewingtiktok #sewersoftiktok Inspired by @alejandramezadiy ♬ Summer day - TimTaj
  • (1) 4 1/2" piece of 1-inch elastic
  • (1) 7" x 3" rectangle of cotton woven fabric
  • (2) 7" x 18" rectangles of cotton woven fabric

A little heads up- this is intended to fit snuggly. If you would like to make one that is a little looser, simply increase the rectangles that are normally 7" x 18" to 7" x 19". Nice and comfy. Also, this twist headband is intended for an adult.

One thing that I love about doing projects like this is that you don't need a bunch of fabric! This is a perfect scrap buster project! It also works well if you have fat quarters lying around. Since no piece of fabric is larger than 18", fat quarters can definitely be utilized. If you are looking to stock up on fat quarters for your sewing room so that you can make a bunch of twist headbands, check out this link.

Twist Headbands Are Perfect Gifts

Do you have a friend's birthday around the corner? Are you wanting to make a package for someone that is having a hard time? Think how cute this would be - a little basket with a face mask, their new handmade twist headband, and a bar of chocolate. That would make me feel better if someone did that for me! What do you think?

If you were having a birthday party and you wanted to give little gifts for your friends to take with them - again, a sweet little goody bag would make me smile.

Although it makes a perfect gift, nothing says you can't make several for yourself. Change up the color, use a fun print- just have fun with it! Happy sewing!


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