Presser Foot Spotlight: Yarn Weaving Foot

October 20, 2023
Presser Foot for Yarn Weaving Sewing Parts Online
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What is the yarn-weaving presser foot?

In an ocean of sewing machine feet, there are a few specialty sewing feet that sewers, quilters, and crafters love to use to add applique to their projects. We here at Sewing Parts Online treasure the yarn-weaving foot because it takes the work out of adding yarn embellishments to your projects. It has a clear, open channel that lines up with your yarn, allowing you to keep it straight and see precisely what you're doing as you feed your fabric through the machine. In addition, these presser feet typically come with a feature that allows you to adjust your needle position, giving you the freedom to place your designs exactly where you want them! If you're wondering, sewers typically use this sewing machine foot to add yarn to Christmas projects, dolls, children's clothes, decor, and crafts.

Tips for using yarn-weaving presser feet

We have some tips for you if you want to try out the yarn-weaving foot. First, unlike a free-motion couching foot (another excellent option for adding yarn and piping), you'll need to leave your feed dogs engaged. We recommend you use a similarly colored thread as your yarn and sew it with a straight stitch. This way, your stitches will be virtually invisible. However, you'll first want to lock your yarn down with a few zig-zag stitches. Next, hold the yarn taught as the fabric glides under the foot to ensure your yarn feeds correctly and lays nicely once sewn. Alternatively, secure the yarn down with a glue stick before sewing.

How to pivot with the yarn-weaving presser foot

When you need to switch directions, you can use the pivot technique:


  • Lower your sewing machine needle to keep your fabric from shifting.
  • Lift your presser foot.
  • Pivot your fabric in the direction you want to sew.
  • Lower your presser foot.

The channel on this sewing foot is not enclosed, so you can get creative and use chunkier yarns if you'd like.


We must note that this foot does not come with a snap-on option. If your sewing machine has a snap-on shank adapter, you must remove it before installing the yarn-weaving foot. Whether your sewing machine takes low-shank presser feet, high-shank presser feet, or slant-shank presser feet, we are always happy to help you find one that'll work for you!

Check out our Tik Tok on the yarn-weaving foot for more info:


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