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LED Bendable Bright Sewing Light #7992A

LED Bendable Bright Sewing Light #7992A

Item # 7992A
Condition: Brand New

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LED Bendable Bright Sewing Light #7992A Details

Energy Efficient Sewing LED light with 100,000 hours life (No bulb to worry about replacing)

Puts off virtually no heat, unlike traditional sewing machine bulbs! This makes for working with invisible thread much easier, since some bulbs can melt the thread from the amount of heat that traditional bulbs put off. Not only does this sewing light illuminate the presser foot area as if you have a headlamp on your forehead, you can bend the light toward you and shine where you're seam ripping when needed. Quality built metal flexible arm and metal light housing.
  • 12 Hours a day for 20 years is approximately 100,000 hours
  • No batteries needed
  • 8 foot power cord with six removable adhesive clips to hold the wire out of the way
  • On/Off push button switch on the base
  • Brilliant flexible pure white lighting for detailed projects and those hard to see places
  • It's small and uses no counterspace
  • This is perfect for dark fabrics and matching seams
  • Excellent for power tools, workshops and craft areas
  • 50 lumen / 120 volts
  • 90 Day Factory Warranty

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