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Maxi-Lock Thread

Maxi-Lock is one of the best selling serger threads on the market. Not only is it considered to be one of the best quality serger threads available, it is also affordably priced. Maxi-Lock threads are as color fast and durable as serger thread used by the world's leading clothing manufacturers. Ideal for virtually any fabric, Maxi-Lock thread is available in over 70 colors and is 100% polyester. For a pop of interest, try Maxi-Lock "Swirls", a line of variegated thread. If you have any questions, please call Sewing Parts Online's customer service department and we will be happy to help.

Maxi Lock Serger Thread

Maxi-Lock Serger and Overlocking thread has been exceptional for over 40 years. Its quality, performance, and affordability have made it one of the most recognizable brands on the market. Maxi-Lock has the widest selection of serger thread available, including all-purpose spun polyester, variegated, and texturized nylon stretch thread. Engineered to be durable, resilient, and workable, Maxi-Lock is your best friend whether you're constructing apparel, home decor, or quilting!

Types of Maxi Lock Thread

All-Purpose Thread:

Maxi-lock All Purpose Thread is manufactured to produce strong, consistent overlock stitches. This core spin polyester thread is mildew and UV resistant while boasting superior durability against breakage and resilience through hundreds of machine washes. You can use all-Purpose thread for decorative and construction seams, blind hems, quilting, and straight stitching. Each cone is 50wt and contains 3,000 yards.

Swirl Thread:

Maxi-Lock Swirl thread has the same high-quality construction as their all-purpose thread but in attractive variegated color options. Variegated threads have a multi-colored dye pattern that creates a gradient effect when stitched. Swirl Thread comes in a wide variety of color options, including contrasting tones that stand out and monochromatic ones that blend in seamlessly.


Maxi-Lock Stretch Thread is made of durable textured nylon that can withstand excessive heat, tension, and machine washing. Despite its strength, it retains a soft, supple, and yarn-like quality, which means you'll be able to create attractive seams with maximum comfort. Unlike bargain thread, Maxi-lock Stretch will not melt under the high heat of an iron or lose elasticity throughout the garment's life. Each cone contains 2,000 yards.

Maxi-Lock Serger Thread is American-made in North Carolina by American & Efird, a company that has created a 125 year legacy in the textile business. Having survived through wars, depressions, and technological upheavals, A&E continues to serve the needs of the industrial, home sewing, and embroidery thread markets. With their established reputation, A&E has expanded across the globe with brands such as Cone Denim, Maxi-Lock, and Gutermann.