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Quilting Sewing Machines

Quilting machines allow you to quickly and more accurately create your quilt from start to finish. Modern technology has truly transformed the art of quilting. Gone are the days of sewing a quilt by hand using just a needle and thread. We offer an large selection of quilting machines from most major brands. Take your quilting game to the next level with a quilting machine from Sewing Parts Online!

Quilting Machine Features:

  • Drop Feed - This allows the machine’s feed dogs to drop below the needle plate, allowing you to create free motion designs using a home machine.
  • Straight Stitch Needle Plate - Some sewing machines allow you to change your machine’s needle plate from a zig zag opening to a straight stitch opening. This prevents your fabric from falling into the needle plate hole and jamming your machine.
  • Large Throat - Certain quilting machines have larger throat plates than standard sewing machines. Having more space allows you to quilt more comfortably while not having to purchase a long arm or mid arm machine.
  • Speed Control - Quickly speed up or slow down the speed of your quilting machines while stitching.