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How to Use an Automatic Buttonhole Foot

We show you how to use and install the One Step Automatic Buttonhole Foot. This foot creates perfectly sized buttonholes for the exact button you are using on your project. No more guess work or uneven buttonholes! Also great for creating drawstring holes!


  1. I have a singer machine that is super basic. I had to use the low shank adapter for the 15 piece kit of presser feet. My issue is that the tutorial you have for using the buttonhole foot assumes a feature my machine doesn’t have. I can’t just hit a button on my machine and make it go or do the things yours appears to be doing. Am I missing something? I have to manually set the type of stitches I use and needle position and stitch length. Nothing is automatic on my machine at all. How do I use this buttonhole foot with a non automatic set of features? This foot was the whole reason I got this kit, so I want to be able to use it.

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