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How to Use the Non Stick Foot

The Non-Stick Foot is the cure for sewing difficult like Suede, Leather, Vinyl, or even laminated fabrics. If you are ever having trouble feeding fabric smoothly, try the Non-Stick Foot! In this video we show you how to install the foot and how is sews on difficult fabrics!


  1. Hi. Very informative video!! My problem is that I have a vintage machine from the 1950s and my machine has a shaft that you screw on/off the foot. Do you sell this foot in this option?


  2. Nice video – great foot However, I’d like to see how it sews with multiple layers of vinyl, etc. as if making seams, etc

    1. I used this foot to sew some laminated cushion covers – worked great! The feed dogs pull the bottom vinyl and the top fabric slides right along under the teflon foot. Such an amazing little foot!

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