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Elsa from Frozen Costume Prep List

by Sarah

It seems every little girls wants to be Elsa – the Disney Store already sold out of all the costumes! So we asked if anyone would be interested in a video tutorial and a good deal of you fans said, “YES!”

We will be teaching how to sew the McCall’s Elsa pattern, but you can also use the Simplicity version, as they are pretty similar.

mccalls pattern


DISCLAIMER: Patterns are just a tool! You can customize your costume as much as you want. Don’t want a zipper? Use sew on snaps. Want your dress to be machine washable? Use polyester/cotton blends. Don’t want to applique snowflakes? Bust out some glitter glue and draw those bad boys on. A pattern is just a starting point and you can change it as you please.

ALSO: Remember, we will be hosting a Q&A session about this pattern on September, 29th BUT you have to have a google plus account to join the discussion. If you don’t know how, scroll to the bottom for links to get your started.

Let’s start preparing!

First, the fabric.

Our fabric yardage is loosely based off a child 5/6 sizing. I always try to buy 1/2 yard extra, just in case.


The pattern suggests using a sequin fabric. However, you can use which ever fabric you want. I personally don’t like sewing sequin because it’s a pain. So instead we’ve gone with a shiny blue performance lycra. It’s got all the right bling, but it’s super stretchy. Remember, this is a child’s costume. I want her to be comfortable and be able to move freely.

elsa bodice 1

Total Bought: 2 yds of 58 inch wide

Because we couldn’t find the perfect color blue, we’re going to mute the bright teal of the lycra fabric by sewing a layer of sparkle white tulle. Just one layer is enough to tame the bright blue. It’s difficult to photograph, but this tulle has lots of sparkle.

Then, using metallic thread, we will top stitch little “squares” to resemble Elsa’s bodice pattern.

elsa tulle layer

Total Bought: 2yds of 58 inch wide


The skirt of this pattern is an A line, but Elsa’s dress is more of a mermaid skirt. I need the top of the skirt to be a little form fitting to get the correct shape. Again, this is a kid’s costume and they need some movement. I choose a very similar blue lycra performance fabric. Also, Elsa’s dress has a tiny train, so I had to buy extra fabric.

Elsa skirt

Total Bought: 2 yds of 58 inch wide

Just as with the bodice, the skirt needs to be muted a bit. We will add a tulle layer just as we did with the bodice, but it won’t  be as form fitting as the lycra under layer.

elsa tulle layer

Total Bought: 2 yds of 58 inch wide


Elsa’s cape is pretty awesome, but this pattern doesn’t have as much length as we want. We’re going for drama here! With that in mind, we bought twice as much fabric for the cape. We also went with an almost teal-blue tulle with tons of sparkle. With just the one layer, it’s just enough color to stand out from the dress but still flow with the rest of the costume.

elsa cape

Total Bought: 3 yds of 58 inch wide

This one was tough. In the end we found a sheer off white. When placed over our skin, it was nearly skin tone but with a nice sheen.

Elsa sleeves and yoke

Total Bought: 1 yd of 58 inch wide

The pattern calls for 3/8 of a yd of webbing because it wants you to iron your hem in place instead of sewing it. This is really up to you. It’s much faster to use the Heat and Bond webbing, but I really don’t recommend using it if you’re using sheer fabric or stretch fabric. On the bright side, if you are using stretch fabric, you don’t have to hem at all. Muah ha ha ha!


Invisible Zipper (length based on dress size) – because our dress is between a size 5/6, I grabbed a 12-14 inch visible zipper. If you aren’t comfortable with an invisble zipper, you can totally stick with a standard zipper or snaps if you want.
All purpose thread
Stretch Needle (if you are sewing stretch fabric) or Universal Needle (for wovens) size 65-80 depending on your fabric weight
Decorative Trim (or beads, beading needle, and clear thread if you plan to make your own trim)


Hook and Eye closures – Wouldn’t it be awesome if the cape was detachable? We think so, too. Also, you might want a little hook and eye above the zipper.
Ribbon/Thin strip of white knit/Clear elastic stabilizer – if you are using sheer fabric (we are) then you’ll want to stabilize those arm holes.
Clear Stabilizer or plastic wrap or tissue paper – This will help sew the sheer fabric, as well as some starch. It’s also great for top stitching.
Metallic Thread- This stuff adds a great bit of sparkle when top stitching designs.
Top Stitching Needle or Metallic Needle – A must have to prevent the thread from snagging.

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loulou August 31, 2019 - 3:39 pm

Thanks so much for the videos and blog ! I’m making this dress for my 5 year old and I’d like her to be able to just pull the dress on/off without having to deal with the back zipper. I was thinking of using shirring elastic for the back of the bodice instead of the zipper. I’m relatively new to sewing so was just wondering if you have any advice on how to make that work like when would be best to add the shirring, should I allow for more fabric for the back bodice. Thanks in advance !!

CustomerService September 12, 2019 - 8:20 am

I am glad you are enjoying our blog!

You may benefit from our video referencing a shirring foot. It can be viewed via the link:

Have a great day!

Kayla Foster September 1, 2016 - 11:25 am

I am making the adult costume. I am using the dress part not the sheer fabric yoke sleeves and cape. I wanted the pattern as a sort of renaissance style dress. My bust and waist are bigger than the largest size. Can you help me with the videos for the bust adjustment and waist adjustment?

Sarah September 2, 2016 - 7:17 am

Hi Kayla! We have a few videos on bust and waist adjustment and I think they will be very helpful. Episode 18 and ep 20 of our Beginner’s Guide to Sewing go over both waist adjustments and bust adjustments: https://www.sewingpartsonline.com/blog/beginners-guide-to-sewing/

San Juanita Cantu October 7, 2014 - 1:59 pm

Once again, awesome!

Emily October 5, 2014 - 5:55 pm

When will the youtube video tutorials be up? I have seen the first one,,, I figured a second/follow-up Video would be coming soon……?

Mayra September 24, 2014 - 10:00 pm

Need help with making the frozen main character’s costume fora 4 year old girl


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